Collect Your Responses Immediately – Choose the Way You Want to Launch Your Surveys.

  • Send it in an e-mail, newsletter, bulletin You only have to copy and paste an automatically generated link. (Very useful for interviewing customers, employees, distributors, students and any other contacts).
  • Publish it to your web, blog, forum... through a link, web button, iframe or pop up. Very simple: you just copy the html code generated by us and paste it in your website's design. (For example: web visitors, forms, competitions, request for information, etc.)
  • Gather information at a trade fair, event, meeting or any other public site with a PC tablet, PDA, Internet Kiosk... Copy the link in any of these terminals in order to access the survey (useful for interviewing the public at trade fairs, shopping centers, shops, etc.).
  • Do surveys by phone Choose "Data entry" to generate new questionnaires continuosly. (i.e. for call centers).
  • Printed survey Use the traditional method for carrying out studies. You are given the option of printing the survey in RTF format, which can be modified or printed.

    Examples of compiling methods